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“There are two kinds of Truth: Truth as it really exists and Truth as we perceive it.  The purpose of all life is to strive to make both truths one and the same, or perfect truth.  There is no relative Truth.” 
― Plato
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Introducing:  The Resurrection Chronicles

The story begins with how Jesus met the first Apostles and received baptism from John the Baptist, then follows what happened to Jesus and His closest followers during His illegal trial, conviction, torture, hideous crucifixion, and controversial burial. But the main characters of The Resurrection Chronicles-the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary's sister, the Apostles, Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea-realize that despite the danger, they have been called to pick up the pieces of Jesus' message and share it with the world.


They're still trying to reach an agreement about how best to do that three days after His burial when Jesus arises from His tomb and begins visiting His followers. But the time Jesus can remain on Earth is rapidly coming to an end. Forty days after his death, angels help Him ascend into the clouds and heavens above. Ten days later, Peter rises before a vast gathering of Jesus' disciples and Jerusalem visitors and reminds them of all that has taken place in the past 50 days. And even though Jesus, Son of God, has left them, He still remains with them in the form of the Holy Spirit. And with the Holy Spirit, all things are possible.

Maiden General

The year is 1429 and the English have been attempting to annex France and illegitimize its crown prince (the Dauphin) since long before Jehanne d’Arc can remember.


Jehanne, just 17 years old and a pious young woman, runs away from home to attempt an impossible mission from God—get herself appointed as a French field general and lead her country to victory over the English. She’s small in stature, of low birth, illiterate, and has no knowledge of war or politics.


Nonetheless, like her hero, the Blessed Virgin Mary, she says “Yes” to God and, determined to succeed, sets off to prevent a major English victory at Orléans, France.

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